3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs an Independent Insurance Agent

August 28, 2017 Published by

In today’s world of start-ups, innovation, and hyper-connectivity, business runs much differently than your grandfather’s business. With the rise of things like the Internet of Things (IoT) and crowdfunding, technology and the means to reach a viral cache has leveled the playing field. It is for this reason, specifically, that you should give a new look to your small business’s insurance.


  1. A Virtual World Awaits You.

Seeing how business is almost 100% Virtual these days (think about the numbers of emails you read/send each day—you’re a virtual business whether you believe it or not), it makes sense to integrate things like your small business insurance into the growing cloud of resources you rely on.


Having an agent waiting behind a large desk for your call is something your grandfather needed. But you need someone who is as digital as you and can connect on the same platforms you spend your day on.


By having a virtual, independent insurance agency handling your claims, setting up your plans, and looking out for the wellbeing of your small business, you can expect agile and swift response, lucid pricing models, and access to the kind of plans your small business requires—from a wide variety of providers.


  1. Data Requires Less Overhead

You know as well as anyone that one of the most appealing reasons to make your small business virtual is the lack of overhead. Having brick and mortar costs money. Money that goes into what your client ends up paying for your service.


By investing in insurance from an online agent, you know that your costs are for the product and not the K-cup inventory or toilet paper. Keeping these costs out of the equation means you can get a fair price and better products.


  1. Online Services Have Grown Up

It used to be that virtual companies were fly-by-night operations. Not anymore. Today’s virtual business can be the same as a storefront business—in some cases virtual business is even more robust than brick-and-mortar. The online business can cross borders, leverage crowdfunding and social investor bases, and connect power players in the business world for more effective productivity.


Put simply, an online insurance agency can respond more quickly than an agency whose primary concern is keeping the AC running on hot days. The online agency can bring in virtual resources that are already integrated with their way of doing business, so the response time and production level is staggering.


As the new wave of small business crests into mainstream, are you ready? By exploring the online options available to you with vendor services like insurance, you will be equipped to take your small business to new heights.


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