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SMB Insurance is quick and agile; we’re ridiculously fast at getting the quote your business needs to make accurate and educated insurance decisions.

We approach small businesses on equal footing—because we are a small business. This allows us to work from what is familiar; putting your mind at ease by providing quotes tailored to your business’s scale and budget.

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Our Ridiculously Easy Process

Step 1

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With one quick phone call, we learn about your business and complete a risk assessment to determine your specific insurance needs. Read more

Every business deals with a specific set of risks. Whether your business is a restaurant or an IT company, you will have problems and accidents. Our quick, scheduled phone call is simply to determine what the specific risks and coverage needs of your business are. In just a few minutes, we can isolate the coverage concerns of your business so we can get the right quotes to you, and you can get on with your day.

Step 2

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A thorough search with over 40 A rated insurance companies allows us to find the right coverage for the best price for your business. Read more

Once we have the appropriate risk range for your business, we can cross-reference it with over 40 insurance companies we have an ongoing relationship with. As an independent provider, we have a unique and powerful connection with top-rated providers. This allows us to not only find the perfect plan for your business, but to get a great price for you as well.

Step 3

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You review the tailored insurance proposal and we’ll answer any questions you have via email, phone, or text. Once you’re happy, simply sign up and receive your policy and certificate of insurance the same day. Read more

With the relationships we have, being able to get a coverage plan perfectly tailored to your business is just a few clicks away. That means you don’t have to wait forever to see what your options are. In fact, typically, we can return competitive quotes in just a few hours. 
This turn around might be daunting, but we’ve done this hundreds of times, so you can trust that we’ll find the best options for your needs. If you have any questions along the way, we are always available via the phone, texts, or email.

Your Insurance Options

Industries We Serve

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Cleaning Companies

Slips and falls, broken equipment, and stolen property are just some of the risks you’ll experience as a commercial cleaner. Anytime you go into another business or home, you run risks unlike traditional businesses. For this reason, we walk you through the coverage options that is necessary for commercial or residential cleaning services so you know exactly what you need.


If you use your hands to forge your living, then you know materials and equipment doesn’t always work the way it should. Whether it’s an HVAC system, upgrading some wiring, or plumbing; you know accidents can happen. Even with carpentry and specialized work, there is the potential for customer dissatisfaction ruining your bottom line. Regardless if the dissatisfaction is legitimate or not, the risk of significant financial loss from legal proceedings can be debilitating. And with on-site accidents, you’ll want to make sure you have the compensation you need. We’ll help you combine the right coverage plans to make sure you’re protected.

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Nail Salons and Day Spas

Insuring your salon or spa is just as important as making sure your shelves are stocked with beauty products and your scissors and clippers are clean and sharpened. The health and wellness industry is one faced with a number of risks; from customer dissatisfaction, to personal injury, your salon insurance won’t go wasted. At SMB Insurance, we take the time to learn exactly what your business entails so that you only pay for the insurance you need. And we do it fast, so you can get back to your customers quickly.

Restaurants and Retail

Running a business that’s open to the public poses a unique set of risks. Regardless of your specialty—whether products or provisions, we’ll make sure you understand all your risks and we’ll get you the specific coverage you need for the best price possible.

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Computer, Web, and IT Services

When running a digital business, not only do you have traditional business concerns, but you open the door to a new set of ever-evolving risks. We can help you navigate the coverage options that meet your traditional insurance needs along with the dynamic risks associated with online and cloud-based businesses.

Your Business

Our dedication to protecting your livelihood transcends industry; we’ve helped nearly every business class you can think of find insurance. And our relationship with over 40 A rated providers allows us to handle even the most unique risks. Contact us for your fast, free quote today so we can help you find the perfect coverage for the best price.

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It may seem unbelievable that we are able to do all we claim, so that’s why we have asked some of our clients what they thought about the service we’ve provided them.

  • Great service and better price from all 3 quotes we made including local brokers. Highly recommend

    Andy Lex Avatar Andy Lex
    August 27, 2018
  • Ii was a wonderful experience doing business with SMB. Josh was very helpful and always followed up on time. I will recommend SMB to all my friends and other small businesses.

    Chirag Bhagat Avatar Chirag Bhagat
    August 7, 2018
  • I received excellent customer service!! All of the interaction with my sales representative was prompt, efficient and informative. I ended up getting my med spa insurance way under what I had budgeted for this insurance. Thank you!!

    Leigh Ann Gould Avatar Leigh Ann Gould
    June 6, 2018
  • Applied for O & E insurance and got coverage within minutes. It was a simple easy fast process as well as affordable...Got what I needed and it was a great experience overall!

    Carolyn Martin Avatar Carolyn Martin
    July 10, 2018
  • Our company is grateful we went with Mike and his team. Customer Service is beyond amazing as Heather gets back to us almost immediately. They work very hard for us and are there every step of the way for our needs. I highly recommend them!

    Tara Petty Avatar Tara Petty
    February 5, 2018

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