Why Customer Service Matters with Your Small Business Insurance Provider

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Starting or operating a small business can be a real boost to the ego. As an entrepreneur, you are faced with challenges that test your mettle, empower your acumen, and equip you with tools for nearly every business situation. So, when it comes to getting assistance when filing a claim for your business, being shuffled into an automated maze can be a real buzz-kill. That’s why using a modern insurance company designed for small business is your best bet.

Modern companies live and die by customer service

One benefit of the internet leveling the playing field for different-sized businesses is that it forces companies to be customer-service minded in order to remain competitive. In the digital age, poor customer service equates to bad business.

Working with an insurance provider who understands this means you get top-notch service no matter your business’s size. Whereas, most larger insurance companies don’t really know what to do with small businesses. Put simply: the costs to maintain quality service for a small business’s coverage outweighs their premium payments. And that makes your otherwise impressive small enterprise nothing more than a number to the most insurance companies.

However, an insurance provider who understands the demands of a small business—because they are one themselves—can be a breath of fresh air for the small-business entrepreneur. If, and when, you will need to file a small-business insurance claim, hands-on customer service can mean the difference between losing your day to phone mazes, or a quick and painless solution.

Multiple platforms give you the perfect degree of autonomy

Of course, as a modern small-business owner yourself, you’ll likely want at least some autonomy, since jumping right into a conversation with your representative isn’t always necessary. For those times, the modern insurance company provides streamlined and intuitive online tools:

  • Mobile-friendly site access
  • Automated form filling options
  • Robust FAQ sections
  • Affiliate links for easy research

With these features, the digital insurance provider can offer small businesses a more tailored service along with being available to answer your questions and give you a comfortable degree of control 24/7. This digital access is all to provide the busy entrepreneur with time-saving and ridiculously simple customer-service solutions.

Digital insurance agents specialize in your size business’s needs

Not only are fully-digital insurance companies small businesses themselves, but they’re business model is specifically designed to match the small-to-medium-sized business. Their insight into the needs and concerns of the entrepreneur is unmatched by the larger insurance agents.

You can trust that they understand your budget concerns, lean-startup mentality, and hesitations better than anyone else. Imagine what a difference it would make filing an insurance claim with someone in your shoes—rather than that traditional insurance agent in the corner office at a larger company.

Also, unlike a captive insurance agent being stuck representing the one insurance company they’re appointed with, an independent agent can access multiple insurance companies for the best coverage. This keeps the best interests of the client in mind which can translate to a better rate for your plan.

Investing in insurance for your small business is a wise thing to do. To make sure that wisdom doesn’t go to waste, choose your coverage from a small, online agent like SMB Insurance for your business’s needs. Peace of mind and a real voice at the other end of that phone can be a breath of fresh air for even the most anxious entrepreneur.

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