About SMB Insurance

How We’re Different

SMB Insurance is quick and agile; we’re ridiculously fast at getting the quote your business needs to make accurate and educated insurance decisions.

Who better understands your needs than another small business?

We approach small businesses on equal footing—because we are a small business. This allows us to work from what is familiar; putting your mind at ease by providing quotes tailored to your business’s scale and budget.

We understand the roller-coaster ride of operating a small business. We also understand that big insurance companies miss the mark with us. That’s why we started SMB Insurance. It’s been in our DNA from the beginning to provide accurate, excellent insurance options tailored to your business needs. It just so happens that we’re really good at lining up the right options really, really quickly.

Our knowledge is specialized.

Our only focus is small businesses, making our understanding of what insurance you will need expansive. We don’t have to support teams of agents on the off chance that a Fortune 500 stops by; we stay lean and mean—just like your business—so we can fit your business.

We’ve been in this industry long enough to grapple with nearly every risk profile, research every coverage option, and learn the pain points of small businesses. That means we can provide a perfectly-tailored plan that not only matches your risk profile, but also fits comfortably in your budget.

With SMBInsurance you can leverage access to high-powered insurance plans without paying the agency costs. We keep our overhead low so you get the best prices—and best service—available.

There’s no such thing as OUR plan.

Being small has its advantages. Larger insurance providers are typically locked in to a specific set of insurance options. Even if you need D, they have to stick you in A, B, or C. But with SMB Insurance, your needs are the driving force—not a plan we need to sell. Our robust relationships with over 40 A rated insurance companies means we can get you A through Z if that’s what you need.

The term “free agent” can often be a cause for concern, but with SMBInsurance, being free is what allows us to bring the options you need to the table. Not having to meet quotas or offer only one type of coverage means you get a better selection to choose your coverage from.

At SMBInsurance, we make sure your needs are the most important thing. The options we provide for you are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your business without adding superfluous options that simply bloat premiums. Fast, ridiculously easy, and exactly what you need.

Did we mention we’re fast?

Our technological savvy and deep appreciation for quick and convenient services means we’re dedicated to providing ridiculously fast and easy protection for your business and livelihood. Whether online, over the phone, email, or texts, we use today’s tools to provide a simple, modern-day customer experience that fits your busy schedule.

We operate in today’s marketplace—born from a digital world. That means our entire business is structured to provide you with the utmost convenience. We handle everything over the phone, through texts, or email so you can keep moving at the pace of business—your business.

Insurance is necessary with any business, and for decades only larger businesses could have the kind of hands-on treatment that running a business requires. Well, with SMBInsurance, we found the way to provide tailored and individual service to every single one of our clients.