You Don’t Need Insurance For Your Small Business

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Ten reasons you don’t need insurance for your small business:

  1. You have a magical, wizard-like ability to see the future and know with certainty that nobody will ever slip and fall at your place of business and that you and/or your employees will never accidentally damage equipment or property of others.
  2. You’re cool with paying out of pocket for lawsuits filed against you, whether they’re legitimate or not. In fact, you get particularly psyched about paying defense costs for frivolous lawsuits.
  3. You don’t care if you break the law and get fined by your state for not having Workers’ Compensation insurance and you certainly don’t care if your employees have a way to pay for injuries suffered while on the job.
  4. You and/or your employees never drive personal vehicles, company cars, or rental cars for business purposes.
  5. You don’t rent an office space and/or you never do work for clients that require a certificate of insurance coverage.
  6. You don’t own any business personal property like desks, computers, decorations, equipment, inventory, etc. Or, perhaps the business property you do own is worthless.
  7. You’re 100% confident that no sweatshirt-hooded hacker sitting in a basement somewhere could ever be smart enough to access your network or cloud-based software applications like email, payment processor, or CRM to steal personally identifiable information about your clients and/or proprietary information about your business. Our hooded friend might be able to hack the United States government and major corporations, but they surely couldn’t be savvy enough to gain access to your business information.
  8. You don’t like revenue or you don’t need it. If you’re not able to run your business for a period of twelve months due to a fire, for example, you don’t need or simply aren’t interested in the revenue your business would have generated during that time period.
  9. You and/or your management team have never made a mistake and never will make a mistake in the course of hiring, managing, promoting or firing employees. And of course, negatively impacted employees will agree with you on this.
  10. You believe that society is growing less litigious and people aren’t interested in suing one another, especially suing businesses for big money.

If you’re not convinced that you don’t need small business insurance, give us a shout or drop us a line and we’ll get you a free quote.

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